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We appreciate all the calls and texts, but everyone here at Sphere had crash helmets on and seat-belts fastened this morning. Early in today's session, trading was halted due to a "circuit breaker" 7% decline of the S&P 500. These triggers were implemented after the 1987 crash to help reduce market volatility and emotional/panic selling. However, we as a society tend to emotionally overreact to news-driven changes in market conditions. To put things into perspective, even measured from the market peak in 2007, before the historic financial crisis in 2008, the total returns of the S&P 500 including today's sell-off have been greater than 6% annualized. If you were lucky enough to have bought at the March 2009 bottom, those annualized total returns would have been north of 15%. Historically speaking, the market rewards those that maintain discipline and patience even in extreme volatility. We are reminded that high valuations make a market vulnerable to "fast and furious" pullbacks. We've been concerned about this market's rich valuations, which is why our individual stock portfolios have been over-allocated to cash in excess of 30% over the last several months. All things being equal, valuations are more attractive today than just 3 short weeks ago. Be assured, we always monitor the market closely, currently paying special attention to high-yield credit spreads, oil & gas, travel/leisure and retail. As always, we appreciate your trust as we navigate these challenging market conditions. We will continue to keep you updated. Sincerely,

The Sphere Wealth Management Team

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